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Join The Ether X Token Distrubution!








  • Ether X Distributed 30%

Hurry! When they're gone they're gone

1 Million Tokens to be Handed Out




Monlthy Distribution

Risk Free Investment

Amazing Result

Use on all platforms

Mobile Refresh

Trade on the go anytime, anywhere.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

Build on the Etherum blockchanin for speed and secure payments


60% hand out

Yes that’s right we will give out 60% of the total curclatint supply.

  • Tokens to be handed out 60%
  • Website Operational 50%
  • Token creation 100%
  • Launch Project X 30%

Our Road Map.

Thank you all for your support in our project we, anticpate that the                     website and all bugs will be resolved by 27/10/17.

Live Project

Check here to get all your answers

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tring this thing 

hello world

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